The Magickal Design Shoppe

Welcome to my Blog, where I share my insight on spirituality, witchcraft and connecting with the mysterious Goddess. This is an extension of my shop, The Magickal Design Shoppe, which is the union of my art and spirituality. In this blog, you will find information of Goddesses, moon cycles, sabbath, esbats and much more. There’s a lot of resource on the net but some stick to a ‘modus operandi’, and even demonize aspects of the Goddess, (yes wiccans do demonize the Goddess and the God.) That’s where I come in, to offer you another perspective in this path like the Major Arcana, The Hanged Man. There isn’t a ‘right way’, one must wander in search of oneself. Many books out there endorse you to join a Coven, thus in this space the solitary witch is honored, and I want to help each and one of you witches out there to make a solid foundation in your spiritual path. I want to make this an approachable way to expand your horizons both physically and spirituality. Converging the mind with your spirit, allowing you to be at balance in your life.

Here’s a quote to start your day:


Feel free to comment, suggest and share. Let’s walk hand by hand in perfect love and perfect trust, so mote it be.


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